It is part of the Job

“We have to talk”.

 It feels always a bit scary when your boss says those words, doesn’t it. Caroline Resident, CEO of SLA Media, asked me to come to the bar in the new mansion.

I had no idea what she wanted.

Have I done anything wrong? Is my performance not good enough? Did we get complains? All this was running through my head when I walked up the stairs of the mansion.

It wasn’t anything like that.

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Home Alone in 3dxchat

Just imagine this. You have a house on a caribbean beach. It is in the morning just before the sun would rise and you just woke up. The door to your terrace is open, the mild caribbean breeze is caressing your skin.

You feel a bit horny, even start touching yourself a little. You imagine that a stranger is passing by the beach in front of your house. He notices you laying on the bed. He walks up to the house, stands in front of the open door and ….

Not something that happens all to often in real life.

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Researching the afk scene – The sleeping Beauty by Faith Jolifaunt

Do you remember my posts about the top ten sex regions in Second Life?

At the time I discovered that afk regions became the thing. I have no idea why, but as it is that popular I decided I must dig into that deeper.

I was lucky that Faith Jolifaunt found my article and left a comment. Faith is the owner of an afk region called “Sleeping Beauties”. Good starting point.

I decided to contact her.

I had a pleasant conversation with her and had the chance to ask her a couple of questions. The most obvious one:

Do you actually make money with afk sex?

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Introducing yet another noob to Second Life sex

I sometimes go to social island to see if I can give a noob a hand. Literally.

On social island in Second Life you usually see mentors helping the newly arrived residents with advice about almost anything they need to know to get started in Second Life.

But there is typically nobody to show them what is sex like in Second Life. I imagine many noobs wonder how it works and where to get it.

Hence I made it my social mission to help out on the matter. Someone’s gotta do it, right?

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Street whores in Second Life – Trying my luck again

As I am writing this, I am standing on the street again, waiting for punters.

Just minutes before I was getting my cloth together again, in order to get dressed. That was in the dining room of a large mansion were I just got fucked on the dining table.

Waiting on the street can take hours. I knew that from the  Caroline Resident blog

Best I can do is writing yet another blog post. Second Life runs in the background where I stand in sexy, well slutty clothes at a lamp, waiting to get approached.

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Street whore in Second Life – my first client

I did it. I finally did it.

My regular readers (both) know, I have been tempted to go whoring since the day I had sex for money in the past. Back then it happened kinda by accident. Read the story here: Cheap whores trailer park, and here : Oops I did it again.

This time it was different. I actually went on the street to go whoring. Intentionally. On purpose.

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Ash Wizardly – Getting Fucked by a Friend of my Boss

When writing posts for this blog, I typically leave my virtual self in one of those AFK places. My favorites being the “AFK Motel” or “Apartment Nr.6”. Wherever there is a bed available They are very in demand actually, you need to be lucky to get one.

I am not doing that for the money I can potentially get from that. I want to test if that stuff actually works.

So far? It doesn’t. I even had my avatar in such a place for 24 hours (genuinely AFK) and made not a single Linden.


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Gang bang me at home in 3dxchat

Today it is going to be short post. But with a few more pics than usual. It is about an experiment, I did the other day in 3DXChat.

As you know from previous posts, everybody who starts in 3DXChat gets his own region. It works just like a private estate in Second Life but smaller. The size is about a quarter region in Second Life.

Not bad.

And it comes with a fully furnished standart villa,for those who can’t be bothered to create their own stuff. Me for example.

By default, only you and somebody you invite can actually access your parcel. Unless you actually share it with a group or with the public.

If you want to know more about 3dxchat, find out here:

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Hot Office Fuck after a busy day

Late Sunday  evening. In the office.

Actually I finished for the day. I just published a new blogpost for my “what Hotels are for in Second Life” series. Hence I was thinking about calling it a day and leave the office (log out that is).

But wait a minute lemme check who is  in my chat list online, just being curious…and I saw my married friend being online.

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