My Avatar – Which style do you like better?

I am not sure what to do.

I recently got comments from friends about my new look. I have been told the previous one was much better because it was more natural than the and interesting than the blond barbie doll.

The picture above is the one I used to have. I was actually quite comfortable with it but changed to the blondie version as I thought it would be better for my escorting jobs, assuming that guys like the more youngish, tall blond girl.

What do you think? Which one looks better? Please tell me in the comments.

Here the choice:

6 thoughts on “My Avatar – Which style do you like better?”

  1. They’re both lovely, Jess, but I think the blonde’s eyes are beguiling. She’s very nicely busty too. Pick the one you like, sweetie! ❤ I'm sure the boys will enjoy them both. 😉


  2. Both are pretty OK, I suggest you get a premium look. This is pretty generic hehe im sure you can do better as your job requires you to be sexy too. Maybe you should ask your boss lady baby.


    1. My boss says the copper is better, because slim blondies is kinda standard. Everybody does that, is her argument. She says I am special because I am different!



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