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Becoming a part time afk slut

He came and fucked me. Not much beating around the bush, simply jumped on the bed and had his way with me.

That is what is expected from an afk girl. As you know from my previous post, Caroline redesigned the mansion. Ever since the place gets little by little busy.

I help with that by “parking” my body on those beds for everybody to use in exchange for tipps. Thats should help getting the traffic up which is an important in order to rank well in inworld search.

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First day at Caroline’s Mansion in Second Life

This actually starts to work. We opened our escort and afk sex club recently. Of course nobody knows the place yet.

So how do we get our first guest?

Well it is actually simple. All the few girls working here have a friends list. That’s a good starting point. We basically inform our contacts that we work now at Caroline’s Mansion.

We did get some response from that.

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SLA Media testing their own AFK fuck club

Caroline decided to totally redesign the SLA Media parcel. When she decides something, she moves fast. Within no time the entire parcels looked totally different.

The 3DXChat showroom move to the sky. On the ground we have now a massive mansion serving as an AFK club. This might not be the final design, but the basic concept is having an AFK club on the ground.

We want to drive traffic to the sim and advertise 3DXChat. That is the idea basically.

If you want to know more about 3dxchat, find out here:

Of course I tried my luck on our own AFK place. Caroline herself is sitting on those beds or at the bar occasionally, leaving her body for everybody to use against tips.

It feels strange when you see your boss almost naked at the bar and more so: her getting fucked. I saw her once getting done at the bar by a shemale (See featured picture).

Really weird!

So far I didn’t make a fortune with this. We still need to build traffic and we need more girls, a lot more girls.


Come to “Caroline’s Sex Mansion”, join the group and help us to make the place busy. It is gonna be fun!

Here is the taxi: Caroline’s Sex and AFK Mansion

Researching the afk scene – The sleeping Beauty by Faith Jolifaunt

Do you remember my posts about the top ten sex regions in Second Life?

At the time I discovered that afk regions became the thing. I have no idea why, but as it is that popular I decided I must dig into that deeper.

I was lucky that Faith Jolifaunt found my article and left a comment. Faith is the owner of an afk region called “Sleeping Beauties”. Good starting point.

I decided to contact her.

I had a pleasant conversation with her and had the chance to ask her a couple of questions. The most obvious one:

Do you actually make money with afk sex?

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Ash Wizardly – Getting Fucked by a Friend of my Boss

When writing posts for this blog, I typically leave my virtual self in one of those AFK places. My favorites being the “AFK Motel” or “Apartment Nr.6”. Wherever there is a bed available They are very in demand actually, you need to be lucky to get one.

I am not doing that for the money I can potentially get from that. I want to test if that stuff actually works.

So far? It doesn’t. I even had my avatar in such a place for 24 hours (genuinely AFK) and made not a single Linden.


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