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Getting Fucked on the kitchen table

Some of you might remember Benny. He is the guy I wrote about before. He who owns that book store. Read the story here: Benny the book store owner.

We chatted the other day a bit. The topic was sex, of course. One of the things we talked about, was which of our encounters was the hottest so far.

There were only two actually. The one in the forest and once after he had seen me getting fucked by a guest of Caroline’s Mansion.

At the time I was standing in the kitchen of the Mansion. Yes we have that too.

Every house needs a kitchen doesn’t it?

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Breaking the Pledge

Secret Beach is one of the most popular adult beaches nowadays. I went there the other day. I did not have any other intention than having a closer look at the place and take some pictures – maybe for a block post entitled “Most popular beaches in Second Life.

It is actually a stunning place. Very well designed, many hidden little places, beautiful gardens and so on.

Secret Beach
Secret Beach

It was busy when I went there. Not overcrowded though. People enjoyed the beach, the waves (you can do surfing there too) and of course: sex.

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Becoming a part time afk slut

He came and fucked me. Not much beating around the bush, simply jumped on the bed and had his way with me.

That is what is expected from an afk girl. As you know from my previous post, Caroline redesigned the mansion. Ever since the place gets little by little busy.

I help with that by “parking” my body on those beds for everybody to use in exchange for tipps. Thats should help getting the traffic up which is an important in order to rank well in inworld search.

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First day at Caroline’s Mansion in Second Life

This actually starts to work. We opened our escort and afk sex club recently. Of course nobody knows the place yet.

So how do we get our first guest?

Well it is actually simple. All the few girls working here have a friends list. That’s a good starting point. We basically inform our contacts that we work now at Caroline’s Mansion.

We did get some response from that.

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