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Sex Yacht in Second Life

“Do you remember us talking about sailing some time ago? Did you buy a boat in the end?” I asked Benny.

You know Benny, don’t you? It is the books store owner I seduced some time ago. Later he fucked me twice at Caroline’s Mansion. Once in the kitchen, and once after he watch me getting fucked by another guy.

He has gotten a girl friend now, which makes him first choice for yet another sex adventures. Yes, you know that I am that sort of bitch.

“Funny you are asking this. I am right now on a boat trying it out.” Want to see it? He replied.

Yes, I wanted to.

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Hot Office Fuck after a busy day

Late Sunday  evening. In the office.

Actually I finished for the day. I just published a new blogpost for my “what Hotels are for in Second Life” series. Hence I was thinking about calling it a day and leave the office (log out that is).

But wait a minute lemme check who is  in my chat list online, just being curious…and I saw my married friend being online.

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Married Guys and Hotel Rooms – The Perfect Combination

Ok, you guys know by now: I like hotels and partnered guys. Today I got both together.

After I met my reader Basilisc at the hotel Aislin at Cairn Howff, I was still sitting at the hotel bar. Now what? I came here with the mindset that I actually get fucked in here. It didn’t happen as he had to attend work in real life. That is actually frustrating. Ok, I got a sex date for this evening out of it.

But I wanted it now!

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Yes, I am That Sort of Bitch!

You remember my affair with that guy who happened to have a girl friend? Yes, the one I met at Sam’s Nude Beach.

I have another one like this. And it is even hotter. I was actually his first fuck in Second Life. But soon after our sex encounter he found this other girl and they became a couple. They even partnered and want to do a full scale marriage in Second Life.

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What Happens on Sam’s Nude Beach Stays at the Beach

Sam’s Nude Beach is the place I took that noob too the other day. After this disastrous encounter I took the time to explore that place. It is actually a quite cool place. It is a mix between a nude beach (with lots of sex animations and sex beds) and a small scruffy red light district street.

You can do it anywhere. Dirty rooms, the rubbish container, in small cabanas, eveywhere are sex animations freely available for everybody to use them.

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