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Have I gone to far? My latest noob – falling in love with me!

Alex:“You know you make my heart beat fast, how much love you. Can we stay together little more please.
Jessica: sure. we can. Did you cum actually?

Alex.: Yeaaah, I did  and i want do that again and again with you my princess.
Jessica: Hey you never have another one here?

Alex: No. Ii want only you! No one can make me like that else then you. You give me much much much of happiness and enjoy. I a m afraid to fall in love with you really  😀

Jessica: hahaha no don`t You would be always jealous. I am working in the sex business you remember.

Alex: but  i am feeling you have so special soul in side. I am feeling you are so  near to my heart. I care about feeling and heart. I feel so happy when i am with you and talking to you. But really something in side attract me to you soooo much.


I know!

I might have overdone it a bit this time.

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My latest noobs

You guys know I have this thing about noobs. It is a turn on for me to introduce new residents to second life sex. Someone has got to do it, so why not a professional sex worker like me?

Yes, I became a professional. It wasn’t planned that way. It just happened. The first time I had sex for money was actually by accident: My first time whoring.

A bit later I did it again. It was then that I realized, I am in the sex business anyway, selling subscriptions to an online sex game.

I was using sex as part of the sales pitch and I was entertaining our subscribers ingame. Yes, that means having sex with them.

So why not becoming an professional sex worker and having sex for money. A prostitute or a whore  basically. I tried my luck as a street whore and actually enjoy it.

Finally I started working as a sex entertainer at Caroline’s Mansion (which is also a means of promoting 3dxchat to second life residents).

This thing about noobs is a different story. I don’t charge noobs.

I simply use my experience and sex skills to show them how second life sex works. Other mentors show them how to build, how to improve their looks – I show them how to fuck.

It also gives me some sort of satisfaction to be their very first one in Second Life. Weird isn’t it?

Now let me tell you about my last noobs.

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Introducing yet another noob to Second Life sex

I sometimes go to social island to see if I can give a noob a hand. Literally.

On social island in Second Life you usually see mentors helping the newly arrived residents with advice about almost anything they need to know to get started in Second Life.

But there is typically nobody to show them what is sex like in Second Life. I imagine many noobs wonder how it works and where to get it.

Hence I made it my social mission to help out on the matter. Someone’s gotta do it, right?

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Seducing Noobs on Social Island

Back on social island again. My mission: once more initiating a noob in second life sex.

Yeah, I know. Other helpers on social island do the all the other stuff, like explaining where to get cloth, classes, how to build stuff, or where to go. I do the dirty stuff. Come on someone needs to show them.

I get approached there rather quickly, also the other day.

“Hey”, is the most common approach. This time by a guy called Wrath Cortez. I wonder how these noobs actually make up their names.

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