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Introducing yet another noob to Second Life sex

I sometimes go to social island to see if I can give a noob a hand. Literally.

On social island in Second Life you usually see mentors helping the newly arrived residents with advice about almost anything they need to know to get started in Second Life.

But there is typically nobody to show them what is sex like in Second Life. I imagine many noobs wonder how it works and where to get it.

Hence I made it my social mission to help out on the matter. Someone’s gotta do it, right?

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Seducing Noobs on Social Island

Back on social island again. My mission: once more initiating a noob in second life sex.

Yeah, I know. Other helpers on social island do the all the other stuff, like explaining where to get cloth, classes, how to build stuff, or where to go. I do the dirty stuff. Come on someone needs to show them.

I get approached there rather quickly, also the other day.

“Hey”, is the most common approach. This time by a guy called Wrath Cortez. I wonder how these noobs actually make up their names.

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