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Back at Work

I was away for a week. The reason for that was a technical problem with my computer. I finally solved it and logged in.

This was actually the first time I logged in and none of my friends, contacts or potential clients were online. This stroke me a bit odd as I have a long friends list. I accept almost each and every friend request simply because each one could be a potential client.

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First day at Caroline’s Mansion in Second Life

This actually starts to work. We opened our escort and afk sex club recently. Of course nobody knows the place yet.

So how do we get our first guest?

Well it is actually simple. All the few girls working here have a friends list. That’s a good starting point. We basically inform our contacts that we work now at Caroline’s Mansion.

We did get some response from that.

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Becoming a Professional Bitch

Yes, I am in the sex business. Not only that I use sex to sell our product, I also had my first experiences in actually getting paid for sex. Yes, as a prostitute, a whore basically.

My first experience happened by accident at the trailer park next door: First time getting paid for sex.

Then I tried my luck on “street whores”. You find the related stories here: Jessica the escort girl.

I think yesterday I took this on another level. I started to promote myself as an escort girl. If I wasn’t a professional until then, latest now I became one.

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My Avatar – Which style do you like better?

I am not sure what to do.

I recently got comments from friends about my new look. I have been told the previous one was much better because it was more natural than the and interesting than the blond barbie doll.

The picture above is the one I used to have. I was actually quite comfortable with it but changed to the blondie version as I thought it would be better for my escorting jobs, assuming that guys like the more youngish, tall blond girl.

What do you think? Which one looks better? Please tell me in the comments.

Here the choice:

It is part of the Job

“We have to talk”.

 It feels always a bit scary when your boss says those words, doesn’t it. Caroline Resident, CEO of SLA Media, asked me to come to the bar in the new mansion.

I had no idea what she wanted.

Have I done anything wrong? Is my performance not good enough? Did we get complains? All this was running through my head when I walked up the stairs of the mansion.

It wasn’t anything like that.

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Street whores in Second Life – Trying my luck again

As I am writing this, I am standing on the street again, waiting for punters.

Just minutes before I was getting my cloth together again, in order to get dressed. That was in the dining room of a large mansion were I just got fucked on the dining table.

Waiting on the street can take hours. I knew that from the  Caroline Resident blog

Best I can do is writing yet another blog post. Second Life runs in the background where I stand in sexy, well slutty clothes at a lamp, waiting to get approached.

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Street whore in Second Life – my first client

I did it. I finally did it.

My regular readers (both) know, I have been tempted to go whoring since the day I had sex for money in the past. Back then it happened kinda by accident. Read the story here: Cheap whores trailer park, and here : Oops I did it again.

This time it was different. I actually went on the street to go whoring. Intentionally. On purpose.

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The Cheap Whores Trailer Park Next Door

Located just a few meters from the SLA Media head office, you find the cheap whores trailer park. It is just what it says on the tin: A place where whores can rent a trailer and offer their services.

Almost all trailers are actually rented out. There are some whores who do it as cheap as 50 L$. Other charge up to 500 L$. However the place is never really busy despite of the very low rates for sex.

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